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Admitting Defeat: Box Braids

About three weeks ago I conceded defeat to my afro.

Box Braids

That first picture you take after you get the braids freshly done!

I looked in the mirror at my hair and said: “Hunny, you tried your best. Let’s give each other a break from each other and regroup with a better plan in a few weeks.”

Thank God for box braids!

I got these done by the same woman who did my Kinky Pick and Drop Braids in a previous post. She is a hair genius! And it is just her hobby, not profession…

When I started this blog I was investigating afro hair care options for England – not myself. But I feel like sharing a bit more about myself and my hair woes. Why not?

Box Braids

Cheeky Length Check

I’ve heard everything that can be said about my hair both good and bad. It doesn’t hurt in person so it can’t really hurt that much online can it?

I’m a low maintenance woman when it comes to my hair. I don’t want to wrap it, shower cap it, moisturise it… In fact it should comb and style itself!

That’s why I never personally give hair advice on here. But I will throw caution to the wind! We shall experiment in good time together! Once I get some life issues sorted and a better internet connection.

But, for now, I admit defeat to my beautiful thick afro. It has been boxed and braided. We are taking a vacation from each other.

This is the second time I’ve been braided since my mini-chop after transitioning Easter of 2010 in my friend’s room in Oxford.

I hope you like the style and continue to pop by.

Hey, who knows, I might get bold and do a review on the hair I used or something. Aaahhh the suspense!




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Ghanaian-Nigerian Accra-based natural hair blogger and vlogger. Creator/curator of African culture and political content.


2 thoughts on “Admitting Defeat: Box Braids

  1. long box braids are in, you look good!

    Posted by awkwardcelebrity | April 10, 2012, 2:49 PM

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