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Crystal Afro’s ‘Afro Comb Day’

Afro Comb DayHi Everyone!

I had such an interesting day.

It started quite down to be honest. I spent the early hours of the morning taking out my box braids. It was a bit of a shock seeing my afro after these past weeks.

I won’t lie to you – I wasn’t impressed.

It was amazing how going to the Afro Comb Day at The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archeology in London reminded me of the beauty in my hair. It also helped I went with my friend and colleague, Alice.

Part of the event entailed talking about our experiences with Afro combs. It lifted me up knowing that all the bloggers and YouTubers that I’ve been following for the past few months have been through the same things I have. Yes, I am a bit slow at the moment “taming” my hair but it was nice knowing we’ve all been there. It has really encouraged me to take you all on my hair journey too.

Crystal did an amazing job co-ordinating us bloggers and vloggers with Sally-Ann Ashton, who took us on a tour of the exhibit.

Some of us also got interviewed. It was quite therapeutic delving into our pasts and bringing forward memories that may have constructed who we are as people today and our attitudes towards our hair.

I put together a vlog of the day. I really hope you support Crystal with this project. It was an amazing experience.

To participate contact Sally-Ann Ashton on 01223 332905 or sa337@cam.ac.uk.

You can also visit Crystal Afro’s blog: unitedkinkdom.blogspot.com


About Combing for Curls

Ghanaian-Nigerian Accra-based natural hair blogger and vlogger. Creator/curator of African culture and political content.


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