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Hey you!

Yes, you…

There is one thing people underestimate, wait – I mean I underestimated, when I started my natural hair journey a little over two years ago. Time.


Time is so crucial in learning about your hair and presenting yourself in the way you deem acceptable.

Yes, you need to prepare yourself for rude comments and insecurity.

Yes, you need to learn new hairstyles and practice/ get used to your new look.

But at the root of everything, you need time.

Take me for example, I wake up one hour before I need to leave my house for work. That’s a long time right?


In that one hour I shower, brush my teeth, moisturise, get dressed and if I’m lucky I manage to throw a bobby pin or two in my hair. Granted, I am not the fastest person in that area…

I used to make fun of the women who sacrificed an extra half an hour in the morning of sleep to get their look. In hindsight I realise their thing was makeup. My thing is now hair.

I’ve taken a lot of “stick” for my appearance – some justified, some just unnecessary. It doesn’t matter what they think really, but it has gotten to the point I’m not happy.

I realise I am pretty harsh on myself on this blog and my vlogs on how I present myself, I’m not that bad. But when I’m bad – it’s bad.

As I type this Feli is braiding my hair. It is almost 11pm and I have to be up by 5am latest tomorrow morning. It might sound a bit crazy but this is me investing my time, and a little bit of vanity, into my afro.

It needs my love and time.

As time goes on I will need less time but for all you soon-to-be afronistas, or those like me finding your way, make sure you have more than your love for your hair. Make sure you have time before you embark on this journey.


About Combing for Curls

Ghanaian-Nigerian Accra-based natural hair blogger and vlogger. Creator/curator of African culture and political content.


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