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Natural Hair Needs Umbrellas Too…

My darlings!

How have you been? Though writing is my second love I have been over on my Youtube channel more frequently of late. I know you are a forgiving bunch so may I bribe you with a rainy day picture of my hair in a not so great state after yesterday’s rain?

We were not amused

You see, I’ve always boasted that with my afro I do not need to run for cover at the first sight of rain. But apparently I do.

What I didn’t realise is that though I’ve gotten away with it in the past my new go-to hairstyle (hair flying free with a parting to make it seem like more work was done than actually was…) things have changed. Or perhaps I am just more observant now that I’m putting in the work.

Do you know what my hair had the audacity to do? SOAK UP THAT RAIN BECAUSE IT WAS THIRSTY.

I don’t blame it to be honest. I tried moisturising and sealing differently this week after my wash and the results were not as I would’ve liked. Because I put my Shea butter and almond oil mix on my hair before my organic extra virgin olive oil, my hair was dryer than normal. So being the woman that I am I rejoiced in the rain because I thought I was getting free hair therapy. Little did I know that rain was setting me up! I didn’t even see the mirror till home time. I mean what if I had passed my future husband on road? Then what?! The rain does.not.rate. I didn’t even know it was possible for my hair to shrink even more than the shrunken state I have been wearing it in! God is good.

Anyway, let me calm down. Moral of the story here is we should be using umbrellas.

Rain water anyway is not even that great of a moisturiser when we consider acid rain.. but let’s not get into that, I haven’t done the research to add it to my defence.

Here are some more rainy pics. If you’ve not been warned a least a tiny grin to start your weekend. I say tiny because after all, it is me you’re laughing at.

Rainy Day Hair

More Rainy Day Hair

See you on my Youtube channel!

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7 thoughts on “Natural Hair Needs Umbrellas Too…

  1. you still at covent ?

    Posted by The F word | January 8, 2013, 10:22 PM

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