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Hair Picks | Victoria’s Big Chop

Victoria Pre Chop

Victoria Pre Chop

Hi Everyone!

I’m so excited to be starting a new section of this blog: Hair Picks! And I’m equally as excited for Victoria to be my very first ‘Hair Pick’ post!

This post is special to me because me and Victoria have been battling about this for a while. She WANTED to go natural for AGES, but you know how it is – sometimes you just need a little extra encouragement to take that leap into a new lifestyle.

I asked her a few questions so her story can keep encouraging others to make that choice – when they’re ready.

1. How long have you been using chemicals before you chopped?

I have been a relaxer junkie for 10 years, just before I did the big chop.

2. What made you want to big chop?

My hair had lost its lusciousness and vibrance. It was damaged from years of relaxers, weaves and poor routine. I just wanted to start fresh, thus the big chop felt appropriate.

3. Did you have any fears?

With any drastic look, I worry about my appearance. I have a small face, so I was worried I would look like a boy and repel the opposite sex. They just have to deal with it .Hahhaha

Victoria's Big Chop

Victoria’s Big Chop

4. How did you big chop?

I went to the salon and just asked to have it all buzzed off. Painless process.

5. What what made you big chop instead of transition?

I did transition, but my hair was breaking off and couldn’t handle the two textures anymore, so decided to take the plunge with the big chop.

6. Who represents your hair goals?

I don’t have a key hair figure, I just want my hair to be full of life and healthy.

7. What do you wish for your hair in the next six months?

In six months, I pray to see progress with my hair, some growth and full of life. Hopefully I can inspire someone to big chop as well, I’m loving it now :)


I hope she has inspired you ladies! You can follow her on Twitter for a chat here: @ElleFeline

If you’re a UK natural and would like to share your hair story please email, tweet or Facebook me. I’d love to hear from you!

God bless,



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One thought on “Hair Picks | Victoria’s Big Chop

  1. wow….i say natural all the way.

    Posted by The F word | January 7, 2013, 8:59 PM

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