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Style Your Natural Hair with Vacuum Cleaner Rings?

The Vacuum Ring Set innovated by Design Essentials® Master Stylist Deshonica Kerrie

The Vacuum Ring Set innovated by
Design Essentials® Master Stylist Deshonica Kerrie

Hi Darlings,

Missed me?

I’ve got a new hair style for you. Lean closer…

Let me tell you what’s going on with vacuum cleaner rings and how you’re supposed to use them in your hair…

The Vacuum Ring Set was innovated by Design Essentials® Master Stylist Deshonica Kerrie. The idea is you use these rings to create different textures and sizes in your curls. Its closest comparison is a traditional rod set.

It is said to cut up to 50% of your styling time. That alone is enough to catch my attention, but I’m not sure I can get past using vacuum cleaner rings yet…

Let me tell you more so you can decide for yourself!

Hair Prep

The critical item needed for this style is rubber vacuum cleaner rings, found at any home goods store. If you want to dry hair using a hooded dryer or overnight, be sure to purchase enough rings to set the entire head. Deshonica calls this a “dry set,” meaning hair doesn’t have to be soaking wet to achieve. First, dampen and comb through hair to eliminate tangles.

Setting the Hair

Take a 2″ square section of hair comb through to ensure hair is de-tangled. Take a vacuum ring and put hair between the ring, laying ring against the scalp. Split the section of hair into 2 subsections. Begin at the root of the subsection of hair and begin wrapping the hair around the vacuum ring in a spiral.

Deshonica notes that the number of times you wrap the hair around the ring will mimic the tightness of the resulting curl. The more times you wrap the hair – the tighter the curl. On the other hand, the less times and more space between the wraps, will equal a looser, more stretched-out curl. With the second subsection, begin repeating the process on the opposite side of the vacuum ring.

To prevent fly-aways and frizzy ends, seal off the end with end papers.

Another tip is once the hair has been wrapped around the ring, allowing it to hang down will provide more volume at the base. Flipping the ring up to lay against the scalp will tighten the base for more smoothness.

Glorious Curls!
Glorious Curls!

The Finish

Before unwinding the hair from the vacuum ring, you can coat your hands with something moisturising and/or conditioning. Begin unwrapping hair from the ring and separating into smaller subsections for fullness. The more times you separate the section, the more full the style will be.

Click here for the video demonstrating how to get this look!

I was actually in my room trying to focus on other things, but after I read this article I HAD to come here and share this with you. It wouldn’t let me rest!

It is definitely a creative way to get results!

I usually focus on UK people and topics but this is sure to come to UK soon so you might as well say you heard it here first.

Let me know what you think about this styling method in the comments section below please! I’d LOVE to hear what the UK (and the world) has to say about this.

Till next time beautiful people…


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