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Soweto Kinch’s Stolen Saxaphone

IMG_Soweto KinchWhen I’m on the tube my ideal situation is a place in a corner somewhere I can read the free Metro or one of the many books I seem to carry in my bag, more than I read them!

Last week I came across this article in the free London Metro that reported Soweto Kinch payed ransom for his handmade 1963 Selmer Mark VI saxophone that was stolen out of his car.

After I got over the fact he paid to get his saxophone back, I don’t know much about saxophones so I won’t expose my ignorance by commenting on that part of the report, I stopped and realised… He is an afro-haired Englishman. Horray!

For that reason he is mentioned today! However unfortunate the circumstances were…

Soweto Kinch is a 35 year old award-winning musician. He has been nominated for the Mercury Prize and he also raps. He is originally from Birmingham.

I’m glad he got his saxophone back. And I’m happy for him to be the first featured afro-haired celebrity on this blog.

I pray for more!

I leave you with this tune from 2009. His afro isn’t there but his talent sure is. If you leave a comment please tell ’em Nwadiogo sent you…

With Love



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One thought on “Soweto Kinch’s Stolen Saxaphone

  1. How sad I’m glad he got it back too. And what a lovely afro.

    Posted by Chantelle | June 22, 2013, 11:56 AM

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