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“Racist Advertising” #MadeofBlack

So I’m going to casually stroll on this platform as if I haven’t been MIA for almost a year.

That’s right.

I’ve got it like that.

On a more serious note, I’m here to express my utter disbelief at some advertising. There are so many racist adverts in the world, but the beauty of YouTube is that the one I feel is particularly offensive – I have little choice but to watch the first 5 seconds of it occasionally.

I have the unfortunate displeasure of introducing this advert to you – Made of Black. Please waste a few minutes of your life to catch up with what I’m talking about:

In life, of course there will be the commentators who wonder; “Why are you “playing” the race card? It’s not always about race…”

And I say to that, whatever. I don’t care. This is what I think.

The advert, in my opinion, is racist.

I ask myself – who defined this definition of black? Am I defined by a Kanye West song? What do you mean Guinness is made of black? Are you telling me you have an all black workforce?

I actually don’t get it.

So I googled the lyrics, because the advert is all dancing and acrobatics [because apparently black people are only good at entertaining and doctors, lawyers and the like can’t be black…]

Four in the morning, and I’m zonin’
They say I’m possessed, it’s an omen
I keep it 300, like the Romans
300 bitches, where’s the Trojans?
Baby we livin’ in the moment
I’ve been a menace for the longest
But I ain’t finished I’m devoted
And you know it, and you know it

So follow me up cause this shit’s about to go down
I’m doin’ 500, I’m outta control now
But there’s nowhere to go, now
And there’s no way to slow down
If I knew what I knew in the past
I would have been blacked out on your ass

-Kanye West

There is just too much wrong with this advert. I just can’t.

Thank God a few weeks after my introduction to this nonsense I came across this advert:

I absolutely LOVE this advert. They’ve taken common stereotypes [see the above Guinness advert] and addressed them in a humorous way.

I’m at the point of frustration I can’t even find words to further articulate my disgust. Hopefully you have some words for me. Please let me know what your thoughts are on the adverts in the comments section below.

Apparently you can be disrespected, even after you “go back to your own country.”


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