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The Day I Met Mr Monopoly in Accra, Ghana

20150325_155656Yesterday, on one beautiful Ghanaian afternoon, at the African Regent Hotel, Mr. Monopoly and CEO of Bestman Games, Mrs. Akinkugbe, made an important announcement.

Plans are being made to make an Accra edition of Monopoly!

I stood in the back of a full press conference excited to hear the details of the Monopoly board release and how I could get my own board. I had no idea I was going to meet Mr. Monopoly later on and take a few photos!

This venture is a collaboration between Bestman Games and Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts. They stressed the desire for public participation in selecting the 22 locations that will be featured on the board. Suggestions are being taken on their Facebook page.

Their mission is to:


  • Promote personal finance literacy
  • Foster strong family relationships
  • Enhance the profile of African cities by projecting a positive image of Africa
  • Encourage strong ethical values in society

Mrs Akinkugbe said; “What better way to pick up tips about money matters than through fun and play?”

I think it’s fantastic that Monopoly landmark suggestions are being taken online, because it gives our Ghanaians in the diaspora a chance to participate in this exciting project!

I’m also pleased that Monopoly chose it’s 80th anniversary to honour Ghana. It makes me a little sentimental…

Once created, the board will be available worldwide. I’m looking forward to it!


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