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GlowwBox Collaboration with Palmer’s 175th Anniversary


GlowwBox has announced that they will be collaborating with Palmer’s to release a Palmer’s Special Edition this 4th of July!

I’m so excited that Palmer’s has chosen to include GlowwBox in its 175th anniversary this year. Palmer’s has been in skincare since 1840, one of the longest standing manufacturers of skin and hair care products in the United States. It has been available in the U.K. for over thirty years

It seems that I’m getting sentimental a lot, but I remember when I first blogged about GlowwBox here, over two years ago now, and to see how far they’ve come has brought tears to my eyes.

GlowwBox founder, Jason Cameron said this regarding what drives him to continue his work for us black beauties;

“Part of our vision is to inspire beauty brands to release more products suitable for women with darker skin tones.”

GlowwBox subscribers will be able to try 7 products from the Palmer’s range with 4 – 5 being full sized.

Zahira Beddou, Brand Manager of Palmer’s UK, shares similar sentiments as Jason Cameron. She said;

“In celebration of our anniversary, we are delighted to collaborate with GlowwBox in the July Edition. GlowwBox recognizes the challenges that women with darker skin tones have in finding suitable beauty products and we are happy to support GlowwBox in helping them in their search.”

It’s great to see a change in the beauty industry regarding black beauty.

The GlowwBox + Palmer’s Special Edition will go on sale on 4th July 2015, with only a limited amount available and can be purchased when you join GlowwBox for the usual price of £15 + P&P per month on their website.

If you do get a box do let us know what you think of them in the comments below. So you’ll definitely have to come back in a few weeks time!


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