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7 Tips to House-Hunting in Accra, Ghana | ad


A few people have reached out to ask me about how to buy homes in Ghana.

Finding a home anywhere can be hard, especially, if you’re new to the location.

I hope these tips will help you comb out something suitable for you and those you wish to live with.

1. Hunt During the Rainy Season
If you can wait, try and start your house search during the rainy season. House hunting during rainy season will help you identify if the area is flood prone or waterlogged.

Flooding in Accra, especially, can be very intense in that season and cause many housing
issues and problems driving around town.

2. Distance
In Accra, just because the neighbourhood is technically closer to the centre of town in comparison to other neighbourhoods you’ve explored – it doesn’t mean that you will get to town quicker.

Don’t rely on the distances to determine if the location is close enough to your office, grandma’s house, etc.

Ask about the traffic in the area you’re shopping in. You might find living slightly further out of town will still get you into town quicker than the more obvious neighbouring areas.

3. Currency
Expats, don’t be fooled. Not every good property charges in dollars. If you have time shop around.

4. Security
What kind of security do you require? Do you know the options available in Accra?

Common types of security measures are:

a) electric fences;
b) Gateman/ Security man;
c) guard dogs;
d) or a simple padlock behind your gate.

Check out your options with each property when you’re looking around to make sure you get the type of security you need to feel comfortable and safe.

5. Water
Don’t assume each area has running water. Ask. In some areas you may have to purchase water from private companies. This will be more expensive when budgeting your utilities – so ask.

6. Electricity
Many homes in Accra have a pay-as-you-go system for electricity. Others have the older system – post-paid. There are slight differences in the tariffs so ask what system the home is on so you’re aware and can look into approximately how much you can expect to pay in bills per month.

7. Agents
It is normal for agents in Accra to ask for money upfront to help you look for a home to rent/buy. They call it a “registration fee”. Normally, this fee is around 50GHS, but it varies from agent to agent. Don’t be alarmed if you’re asked for this if you choose to house hunt with an agent.

This post has been sponsored by Tonaton, “Ghana’s biggest classifieds”.


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