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Tro Tro Vibes Literacy Campaign | ad

Last week, on Good Friday, I had the honour of being asked to join Wordreader and Tyba Poetry for my first journey on the Tro Tro Vibes campaign.


Tro tros are the most the popular form of transportation in Ghana and have created a platform where preachers and salespeople can reach passengers directly while the vehicles are on-route.

Tro Tro Vibes has leveraged this tradition to introduce the importance of reading, using spoken word and music to promote literacy.DSC_0030

The name “Tro Tro” is said to come from the Gà word “tro” meaning “pesewa” (the smallest unit of Ghanaian currency), because of the Tro Tro’s status as the cheapest means of transportation.

Worldreader is a non-profit organisation with a strong belief in the power of literacy to transform. They aim to promote literacy by making books more accessible using technology; namely, e-readers and mobile phones.

Their collaboration with Tyba poetry is a powerful one, as Tyba’s mission is to educate, entertain and informing the world through poetry and other art forms. Tyba Poetry is known for training children to become performance poets and role models for other children and young adults.

If you missed March’s Tro Tro Vibes last week don’t worry! The next one is on 8 September, World Literacy Day, and promises to be even bigger and better than the activities I tweeted and instagramed last week.

Check out my social media platforms for snippets of the day we had and expect way more than that to come this September!


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