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Repat Entitlement

I don’t know if I should call myself an expat or repat. An expat is a person who is residing in a country not of their citizenship. A repat is someone who returns to their country of birth or citizenship. To understand my conundrum is another story, possibly for another day. But regardless of my … Continue reading

Buying a Car in Ghana | ad

In my recent history it seems that at the beginning of every year I promise myself I am going to learn how to drive… This year is no different. I have located a driving school, but haven’t registered, because of course I have to do what’s most important first – Research the car I’m going … Continue reading

Tro Tro Vibes Literacy Campaign | ad

Last week, on Good Friday, I had the honour of being asked to join Wordreader and Tyba Poetry for my first journey on the Tro Tro Vibes campaign. Tro tros are the most the popular form of transportation in Ghana and have created a platform where preachers and salespeople can reach passengers directly while the vehicles … Continue reading

7 Tips to House-Hunting in Accra, Ghana | ad

A few people have reached out to ask me about how to buy homes in Ghana. Finding a home anywhere can be hard, especially, if you’re new to the location. I hope these tips will help you comb out something suitable for you and those you wish to live with. 1. Hunt During the Rainy … Continue reading

5 Items Your Accra Home Office Needs

I’ve been dreaming of the perfect home workspace here in Accra, Ghana but it’s been really difficult finding the items that I want in the shops. For me, finding things I want in my office boils down to; can I get to that particular shop, what kind of vehicle would I need to hire to get … Continue reading