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Shining Light on the Abuse of Domestic Workers in Africa

House Girl – The Short Film is a London Film School (LFS) graduation project, written and directed by student, Koby Adom, and produced by Joy Gharoro Akpojotor. It is a coming-of-age story about Jennifer, a young British girl of Ghanaian descent who goes on holiday to Accra, Ghana for the first time. While staying with her wealthy Aunty … Continue reading

“Racist Advertising” #MadeofBlack

So I’m going to casually stroll on this platform as if I haven’t been MIA for almost a year. That’s right. I’ve got it like that. On a more serious note, I’m here to express my utter disbelief at some advertising. There are so many racist adverts in the world, but the beauty of YouTube … Continue reading

Soweto Kinch’s Stolen Saxaphone

When I’m on the tube my ideal situation is a place in a corner somewhere I can read the free Metro or one of the many books I seem to carry in my bag, more than I read them! Last week I came across this article in the free London Metro that reported Soweto Kinch … Continue reading

Questions to Black Mothers

This week (or last – depending on if your week ends on Saturday or Sunday) I was on my way home from work, in the presence of two beautiful young ladies who I estimate to be anywhere between five and eight years old. I believe they were on their way home from the theatre with … Continue reading

RE: Curls allowed? No, say Nigerian women, who give it to you straight

As the hype and fuss of the new year, and it’s accompanying resolutions, are dying down (if not already dead) there are a few resolutions that commonly pass the holiday season. Loosing weight and to find a partner. Feel free to add any you feel make it past the January mark. I read the article … Continue reading