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International Day of the Girl Child: October 11, 2013

Did you know October 11 of every year has been dedicated as ‘The International Day of the Girl Child’ by the United Nations? This year is the organisation’s second annual observation. I didn’t until a few weeks ago. A slight procrastination delayed this delivery of news to you [assuming you didn’t know either]! This year’s celebration theme is ‘Innovating for Girls’ Education.’ … Continue reading

Origins of the Afro Comb

6,000 years of culture, politics and identity … The 6,000-year history of the Afro Comb, its extraordinary impact on cultures worldwide, and community stories relating to hair today are being explored in an exhibition at the Fitzwilliam Museum and the Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology in Cambridge. The exhibit has been open to the public … Continue reading

African Culture & Health Awareness Day

Hello beautiful, I recently found out about an event that looks quite interesting – so I thought I’d share the details with you! Neter Vital  Health  and A-Mawu have come together to host their second African Culture & Health Awareness Day! It will be held on Sunday, 27 October 2013 from 2pm to 8.30pm at … Continue reading

My First Speaking “Gig”

Gooooood afternoon! I hope you read that with the presenter’s voice I had in my head when I typed it. I’m excited to share with you all that I will be one of the speakers at the ‘Calm it Down it Will Grow’ event this Sunday. I’ve been asked to speak about the politics of … Continue reading

Afro Hair & Beauty Show Stylist of the Year 2013

I was so thrilled to hear Michelle Garande, a stylist at Afrotherapy Salon, won the Afro Hair & Beauty Show’s Fantasy Hair Competition on her first attempt! The event, held at Islington Business Design Centre, challenges stylists to take afro hair to the next level by creating an avant-garde style that shows creativity, originality and visual … Continue reading