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Repat Entitlement

I don’t know if I should call myself an expat or repat. An expat is a person who is residing in a country not of their citizenship. A repat is someone who returns to their country of birth or citizenship. To understand my conundrum is another story, possibly for another day. But regardless of my … Continue reading

Buying a Car in Ghana | ad

In my recent history it seems that at the beginning of every year I promise myself I am going to learn how to drive… This year is no different. I have located a driving school, but haven’t registered, because of course I have to do what’s most important first – Research the car I’m going … Continue reading

7 Tips to House-Hunting in Accra, Ghana | ad

A few people have reached out to ask me about how to buy homes in Ghana. Finding a home anywhere can be hard, especially, if you’re new to the location. I hope these tips will help you comb out something suitable for you and those you wish to live with. 1. Hunt During the Rainy … Continue reading

5 Items Your Accra Home Office Needs

I’ve been dreaming of the perfect home workspace here in Accra, Ghana but it’s been really difficult finding the items that I want in the shops. For me, finding things I want in my office boils down to; can I get to that particular shop, what kind of vehicle would I need to hire to get … Continue reading

The A-Z of Ghana (Part 2)

I’m back with a continuation of the A-Z of Ghana; a country of great heritage and people!     H – History The journey to independence, Ghana’s leaders, great moments in sports; all these support that Ghana is historically rich and worthy of appreciation. Great kings and queens have graced this great nation. I – … Continue reading