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Can social networking help your hair?

The last few years have seen an influx of Afro Caribbeans seeking more information about caring for their hair in its natural state. Internet businesses have responded to demands by providing more information and more opportunities to network with like-minded people while learning more about afros. Social networking has proved a useful tool in this … Continue reading

A victory for the afro?

With the case of the teenage boy “G” in the headlines are Afro Caribbeans really more confident that they will not be judged by their hair? Nwadiogo Quartey-Ngwube investigates.

Educating against hair loss

With no common safeguards put in place to regulate afro hairdressers in England any aspiring hair stylist can take a chance at their dream – on your hair. Despite the fact that not every afro hairdresser invests in formal hair education many hairdressers and customers alike do not seem deterred. Afro hair specialist at The … Continue reading

Protective hairstyles may cause permanent hairloss

Protective hair styles in the Afro Caribbean community have long been a source of refuge from the supposed dangers of relaxing. Relaxers have not been strangers to bad publicity as a leading cause of hair loss amongst women. However afro specialists agree that this is a misconception, and that protective styles could potentially cause more … Continue reading

The word of mouth industry

The cash in hand policies of some independent hairdressers may mean that the overall value of the afro hair care industry, already worth millions of pounds, could be underestimated. The industry may be considered as one of the few multi million pound industries that can thrive behind seemingly minimal advertising, and what appears to be … Continue reading