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Tro Tro Vibes Literacy Campaign | ad

Last week, on Good Friday, I had the honour of being asked to join Wordreader and Tyba Poetry for my first journey on the Tro Tro Vibes campaign. Tro tros are the most the popular form of transportation in Ghana and have created a platform where preachers and salespeople can reach passengers directly while the vehicles … Continue reading

12 Year Old Vanessa VanDyke

So I tried to write this in the height of my fury and indignation, after reading this story on Madame Noir earlier today. The link was lovingly provided by Angel Dike of The Natural Lounge. Fortunately for the internet, because of my frustration at my Chrome browser I went away and allowed myself to be distracted by menial … Continue reading

Ghana Light – Not a Light Fee

Yesterday was an interesting fun-filled day. You see, it’s been about two weeks since I moved to Ghana. I’ve been slowly telling friends, family and the world wide web that I bought a one-way ticket to what feels like freedom. It’s a different kind of lifestyle than I’m used to; I’m surrounded by family I only … Continue reading